A Conversation for Training Your Pet

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When training a pup, never smack them and don't yell at them. If you do this you'll end up with an agressive neurotic dog. All that is needed is a huge pile of treats and patience. A firm no is fine.

If a dog is being particulary naughty (begging, whining, barking at unnecessary times, chewing your favourite pair of fluffy mules or is in the middle of desecrating your finest shag pile) then you will need a small water pistol or one of those lemon-sized and shaped squeezy bottles used on Pancake day and other National Celebrations. Fill this with water and keep it at hand. When your adorable little pup is being bad, squirt him with the water - he'll soon stop.

The trick with this is not to let your animal see where the water came from or else it's all in vain. After two or three attempts, the dog won't try it again.

Water Water Water

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Galaxy Babe - eclectic editor

The water spray is also good for stopping your cat from scratching your furniture.
A cat-scratching post also helps, but my cats preferred trees.
Let them out into your garden.
To stop *other people's cats* from using your garden for a toilet, spread around orange peel.

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Planting lavender bushes helps stop unwanted moggies too

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Courtney Patron Saint of Social Embarassment

Water never worked with any of my dogs (my cats it worked great) but my dogs always thought it was a game even when they didn't know Iwas doing it. It may be because they all loved the water.


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