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Albanian Raki

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My brother brought back some raki from Albanian. Was good, but strong. We had to pour it into a glass bottle to keep it from eating through the plastic container.

Albanian Raki

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This is the brother referenced in a previous note...
On Raki--Raki is an acquired taste, enhanced most potently by drinking it with the locals. It's not as strong as moonshine by any means, but is potent and can, as is the case in my (glass) bottle, contain leftover particles from the grape pulp. Raki is enjoyed during almost any occasion and due to its clear color, can be carried around in a water bottle with great facility. It has a unique odor, which makes up most of its taste. If you hold your nose, you will not taste it, but you definitely will feel its whiskey-like burn.
Albanian Raki is a cherished beverage in its home country and can differ in tastes depending on the region from which it is attained. I recommend trying it. Its bark is worse than its bite.

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