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Coppice growth

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Hi, nicely timed article.

The previous owner of my house had a penchant for trees.**

So when I first bought the place I soon discovered that I had several trees and shrubs in both front and back garden with almost no space between them. A bit of a mess and altogether stupid as having four trees planted within six feet of each other is only going to look good for the first year of their life.

So I pulled a few out as they were saplings at this stage.

Then I met my partner and moved in with her for three years and sin of sins, I rented my place to students for 3 years. We've just moved back in and naturally they've done f**k all with the garden in these intervening years and I now have a severe tree problem.

I've fulfilled a lifetime ambition and bought a chainsaw and so far I've chopped down 1 sycamore, a crab apple and a laurel tree. Howver I'm a bit worried about the Sycamore.

The other two were some distance from the house and just too big, nothing else and I can live with the stumps. The sycamore was growing between the conservatory at the back of my house and next door's fence. A gap of only about a foot between them. It was a young tree - the stump is probably only 10 cm at most at the bottom but it is regrowing and I wonder how long the coppice growth will last as I cannot envisage being able to remove the stump. It is in a narrow gap which I have difficulty fitting into, let along bringing in power tools with and clearly I can't burn it.

So is coppice growth a problem or will it go away if I stay on top of it? I don't want this thing undermining the foundations of the house.

Bl**dy tennants

** My neighbour is less generous, describing her as a tree maniac.

Coppice growth

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It's amazing how little thought people put into planting things that are obviously going to become an enormous problem, isn't it?

I think I would be tempted to treat your stump with something that will either kill it off or at least weaken it so it stops putting out new shoots (and possibly new roots - smiley - yikes)

The easiest thing would be the products that you just the paint the stump with.

Best of luck!


Coppice growth

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Aye, that sounds like a good plan.

Since I am a research chemist I can lay my hands on copious quatities of sulphuric acid.

A drill and some acid may do the trick... smiley - winkeye

Coppice growth

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Nice article by the way, it has a nice easy sense of humour smiley - ok

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