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Rights Are Gone

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The Apprentice

It should be noted that the copyright for the basic idea of Lego has expired, so providing you don't call it Lego you can manufacture construction bricks yourself. Garage industry has found a new way to make money.

Rights Are Gone

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The God Pigeon

But there is still only one true building blocks. LEGO!

Dirk Gently,
player of Legos

Rights Are Gone

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It is true that the basic rights of building bricks is'nt held by LEGO anymore. However LEGO has patented the tubes inside the bricks and several other things, which makes it quite difficult to manufacture building bricks in the same high quality as LEGO. Several has tried and been sued by LEGO.

Rights Are Gone

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Uncle Ghengis

I gather that Lego-style bricks are now sometimes called GPBs = "Generic Plastic Bricks"

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