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Mules schmules

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Fine, in theory, but unlike flip-flops, mules rely on the wearer to be able to keep them on in the first place.

Better off with a stout pair of walking shoes, if you ask me

Mules schmules

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Milla, h2g2 Operations

Ve in Sveeden train our tchildren to juuse clogs (kind of mules) from age tvo, so at sree, zey can all run in zem...

Well, actually, fewer kids use them now, but in the 70's I wore them daily from march to october. They do take some getting used to, but it's still one of a few kinds of preferred footwear for people who walk and stand a lot in their jobs - nurses, lab people (me) and so on. And my son stole his sisters clogs from the day he could walk until he got his own. By now (age 2 1/2) he really can run in them.

The slope of the sole, the shape of the leather/fabric top are of course important, I haven't dared to try the new mules with fabric top on a birkenstock type sole.

Don't give up, Livzy, mules can be great!


Mules schmules

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..if you get them drunk enough..

Carrot Vodka seems to work best

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