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Tarheel Dude

We had a colicky baby who started crying at 9:30PM and kept on until 2:00AM every night. It was absolutely like clockwork.

There is absolutely no scientific evidence that I know of, and you will probably think it's crazy, but the only thing that worked with her was to lay her on top of the dryer while it was on.

Be advised, don't try this unless you also construct something to keep the baby on the dryer. We used about ten towels rolled in various configurations to keep her from rolling off. I also piled lots of clothes on the floor just in case she did roll off. Never happened.

She never overheated, and she is now a precious three year old. Almost precious enough to make us forget all the sleep deprivation she caused us for about a month.

Try it, it beats the refrigerator, microwave, out of doors, and all the other terrible places you could put her that go through your mind when you're listening to a screaming baby after midnight for the fifteenth consecutive night.

Disclaimer - I'm not a doctor and I don't want to be sued. Don't try this if you don't think it's a good idea!

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This is actually very similar to the Car Ride Simulator cure - for many babies, the deep rumbling & vibration of a car ride/drier/etc. seems to soothe them. These are often babies who will quiet down if you carry them and pace, or swing them in a baby swing, etc., but as soon as they stop moving they cry again. Even if they've fallen asleep, as soon as you set them down they'll wake up & start crying again. Some people think they miss the constant motion and sound of the womb, others deny this. The car ride simulator was in the "Doesn't work" list, but many people find it does help quite a cranky child. Then again, a cranky child isn't necessarily suffering from colic, but many people can't tell the difference.

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