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IS Get Back such a good album?

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Years ago I purchased a Yellow Dog Bootleg on CD that pretty much covered the original Get Back-album (and had thrown in some good extra stuff too). It occured to me that the songs that were left off the Let it Be-album weren't very good at all-

-Rocker was a short jam in blues-format, Billy Preston comes close to stealing the show

-Save the Last Dance for Me-sloppy and out-of-key singing by John and Paul, this also sounds like a unrehearsed (I hope so!) take

-Teddy Boy-only interesting for the input of Lennon who's shouting throught this album's Maxwell's Silver Hammer; the track is overlong and the song goes nowhere. We know it from the McCartney-album

There were (and are) better things recorded in those sessions (especially a fine fast version of Two of Us), but they weren't regarded for release...

The released Let it Be-album was a bad job; Phil Spector was doing no favours at all for the material (sometimes under the supervision of Mr. Lennon, strange days indeed), but the basic track wasn't that great either. Compared to the richness of the White Album-material and the songs and flawless playing on Abbey Road, these session were a bad period in Beatle History...the band was finished, but no-one wanted to be the one to say the party was over.

IS Get Back such a good album?

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How do you feel about the "Let It Be...Naked" album?


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IS Get Back such a good album?

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