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Get Back the Album vs Let It Be

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That end bit is very misleading. Yes most of the Titles on Get Back ended up on Let It Be but they are all different (except Maggie Mae, that is the only song that is ther same on both Get Back and Let it Be, and even then the Let It Be version was produced by Phil independantly and not just taken from Get Back).

The Get Back album (1970 version) is far superior to Let It Be. Glyn Johns is a much better choice in handling the Beatles Music than Mister Wall of Sound Horns-and-all Spector who completely ruined the album.

Phil Spector's version of Let It Be (note: not the version most people know. The one released as the single was the far superior Glyn Johns version) is sickening. He's put horns behind most of it and HEAPS of echo on Ringo's drumming, you can hear where he has cut and pasted at the end of the song to make it a bit longer, he has used a stupidly heavy version of George's guitar solo and he's taken out all the harmony backing vocals.

This is just one example of what he has done to every song on the album. Every single one. It's basically those steps which he has done to I Me Mine: Horns behind it, bring out the drums louder, get rid of Paul's harmonies, repeat the end to make it longer... It really is pathetic. Phil can take his orchestra and shove it up his Long and Winding Road and what he did to Across the Universe makes me cry.

EMI have got to release Get Back, basically. Let it Be should never have been released in the firstplace, and now that there are precious few Beatles left in the World, Paul should take th eupper hand and release it. I'm not one of those "We have the Right to Hear it" morons, because basicaly as a fan we havbe the right to jack crap, but I don't see what could be lost by EMI releasing it.

You know, none of this "The Lost Beatles album" stickers on the front or"With 78 bonus tracks". Just release it in the same format as all the other Beatles CDs with the cover that was made and intended for it. It will happen one day, until it does I'll be whinging and whining somewhere else, I guess.

Get Back the Album vs Let It Be

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What would be really cool is if "Get Back" could be produced in package that was totally in keeping with the original idea- right down to the SIZE. Sure, CD's are a lot smaller than LP's were, but the package could be the same size. I know for marketing reasons (display space, etc) it probably isn't going to happen, but it still would be nice.

Get Back the Album vs Let It Be

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They did release a very limited edition "30 Days" CD boxset containing every recorded peice of music from the Get Back sessions a few years ago, but you're right - a dedicated "Get Back" album, perhaps one with the best of both versions - is something which should be released.


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