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What if Lenny Briscoe had X-ray vision?

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Moore made my day when he merged my two loves, police dramas and superheros, into the incredible GNovel Top Ten. For those of you who don't know, Top Ten takes place in a city built by Mad Scientists from WWII and is populated entirely by Superheros, robots, monsters and aliens. The story develops around the daily trials and tribulations of the local police force, with the amazing art of Gene Ha often sneaking in the occasional copyright infringement or two (keep an eye out for the Smurfs and Peter Pan). As a rookie cop enters the force, the story develops around her first month at the force, with several bizarre sub-plots making emerging and submerging within a few panels. Moore is on top of his game here, as he manages to weave several fantastic plots into a very short series (less than 20 issues) and tie up all his loose ends. It's a shame he didn't stick with it, as Top Ten has furthered my love of comics, my tolerance of superheros and created an obsession with robots that may never end.

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What if Lenny Briscoe had X-ray vision?

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