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Gin Fizz?

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I know I am gonna be dead if I say this now, but hey, I´ve run out of gin now anyway, so I have nothing to loose...

A Tom Collins and a Gin Fizz are as far as I know basically the same, at least regarding the ingredients...

But one of them is stirred and the other one shaken...

And I always thought, the Collins was stirred... or at least that was, what they tought us in school. Er.. not a regular school, one for the hospitality industry smiley - winkeye

Chili, needs some gin...

Gin Fizz?

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Tom Collins (tomthedog)

Number one, the easier one: a Collins drink should definitely be shaken. SHOULD be. Usually isn't.

Number two, the difference between a Tom Collins and a gin fizz: that's tough. The recipes I've been able to find seem to suggest the only difference is the glass it's served in and the garnish (Tom Collins has one, gin fizz doesn't). Also very similar is the Alabama fizz (garnished with mint instead of lemon or lime or cherry), a Diamond fizz (champagne instead of club soda)... Let's face it, there are only so many ways to combine alcohol, and more names for those combinations than are practical.

Tell you what: you have a gin fizz and a hoagie, I'll have a Tom Collins and a grinder, and we'll pretend they're two different things. (Those are two names for the same sandwich, for any non-Americans reading this.)

Gin Fizz?

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Another Gin Fizz? Today again?
Do I have to...
I can´t even see my keyboard...
Shouldn´t have bought that bottle yesterday and set out to try all the different Fizz & Collins recipes I could find...
We even had one of those revolting Golden/Silver Fizzes. They are supposed to be made with egg yolk/white... yuck!

Chili, badly hungover

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