A Conversation for Ballistic Missile Submarines

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Trin Tragula

smiley - bubbly That's really all I wanted to say smiley - smiley

I must have missed this in PR completely because, oddly enough, this was a subject I actually thought about writing an entry on a few months ago (admittedly as a very vague intent and just the British subs to boot). So, when I saw this on the front page, I instantly thought "oh no!"

As soon as I saw who it was by, I was glad I hadn't taken up the idea of making a hash of it smiley - blush Even more so once I'd finished reading it smiley - smiley

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Thanks Trin. The entry sort of presupposes the existence of another entry on 'generic' nuclear subs, to explain all the non-missile-related stuff. Perhaps you would be interested in writing that?

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Trin Tragula

Oo. The angle was more 'Britain's nuclear deterrent' than 'delivery system' when I was thinking about it - but the opportunity to type 'Admiral Hyman Rickover' a lot is quite tempting.

(Do you think there's some sort of name test you have to pass before you can become a USN admiral?)

I'll think about it: thanks for the suggestion

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