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Apollo anything never transpired

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Apollo-11 and others simply never happened (landing that is); at least according to Kodak film it never transpired. Though I'll gladly concede upon those Apollo missions impacting (the unmanned portions thereof).

Wow folks and fellow snookered village idiots, whatever you do, don't get yourself too carried away with all the attention over those Apollo photos that were xenon illuminated (as in artificial illuminated) rather than by the rather considerable near-UV and UV/a portion of the spectrum of the unfiltered sun. As otherwise I might tend to think this BBCI is just another borg like portion of the NASA/Apollo ruse/sting of the century, at least for the collective of incest cloned borgs operating under their cloaks of uplink.space.com and apollohoax.com is exactly the sorts of spin and damage control websites that I certainly would have created, before some actual honest person did such.

KODAK/photo yellow dye (ApolloHoax Hoax Busting) URL page:
Other of my very own NASA/apollohoax.com hoax busting pages:

Apollo anything never transpired

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Argon0 (50 and feeling it - back for a bit)

smiley - wow what a lot of incomprehensible drivel....

Basically (if I get the gist of the web site you pointed to) they are complaining that the Earth is too close to the moon's horizon in the visors of the astronauts?

Several reasons for this spring to mind... e.g. angle of elevation of the Earth depends on your altitude above the Moon's surface (e.g. if you are standing up or lying down).

In this case it also depends on the height of the Camera above the Moon's surface, and EXACTLY which way the astonauts were looking at the time - the curve of the visors will ALSO affect the apparent position of the Earth.

Apollo anything never transpired

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Argon0 (50 and feeling it - back for a bit)

Sorry - I missed the rest of the argument about the Film stock recording different levels of UV (or whatever), this assumes the Moon landings used stock Earth type film - which I find extremely doubtful. NASA would have known about the raised levels of UV on the moon, and would have packed film to take that into account....

Apollo anything never transpired

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It strikes me as strange that people who believe that apollo was faked ignore the most obvious thing - Technology. You need a dirty great big rocket to get to the moon. Werner Von Braun had been designing dirty great big rockets since the 1930's. You need expensive special effects to fake a moon landing. The height of special effects in the late 1960's was Star Trek.

It seems that there's people who have heard the conspiracy, asked the questions and accepted the answers when told, and paranoid delusional nutcases who think that by uncovering the conspiracy they are being clever.

Apollo anything never transpired

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I'm personally inclined to place the Apollo mission deniers in the same political class as the holocaust deniers, along with people promoting bizarre prohibitionist campaigns and people who deny their children modern medical care because they think that providing it is going against the will of God.

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