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Four Seasons

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Extra cheese and black pepper on mine


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This post has been removed.

Four Seasons

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Kumetanzuka the capricious

*sigh of contentment*

Lovely (as always). I've never seen some of these interpretations. They shed a new light on the concerti and the sonnets for me.

(Io propongo la primavera!)


Four Seasons

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Va bene, signorina eco ...

Yes - for me, it was the "Winter" from outside the house that really hit home.

I'm so glad you like the interpretations.

Four Seasons

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Great post.

Please excuse the pedantry, but I think it is worth mentioning that 'the Four Seasons' is not really a coherent set of pieces by itself. They are merely the first four of a set of twelve concerti (Opus 8) published in 1725 under the title 'The Contest of Harmony and Invention' (or 'Il Cimento dell'armonia e dell'inventione'). Three of the other eight concertos also have names, and are 'programme music': no.5 ('The Storm at Sea'); no.6 ('Pleasure'); and no.10 ('The Hunt').

Vivaldi is a great composer, responsible for over 500 concertos. It's almost a shame that the Four Seasons are so well-known that they overshadow so much other good music. But I hope people might be encouraged to explore some of his other music (and other experts of the 'concerto grosso' form, such as Handel and Geminiani).

Four Seasons

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Yes - thanks for that - it's relevant. I'd focussed just on the one set of pieces, rather than all of them.

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