A Conversation for 'The Four Seasons' by Vivaldi

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Its all different when you listen with the notes in front of you!! smiley - smiley wow!!

I hadn't realised how harsh summer is. I'm sure if Vivaldi had been English that movement would've been very much different...smiley - winkeye

But this is very definitely programme music. Although Baroque music is intellectual, it seems closer to the romantic style than the classical does, in a way...

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Aesthetically- with the poetry, you could italicise it and put it within tags, to differentiate it from the notes, which you then needn't have in brackets. smiley - smiley
And I don't know, was Zephyr the mythological personification of the breeze? if it is in this context, perhaps you could say so. Also, who is Boreas? smiley - smiley

I love the drunken revellers bit smiley - winkeye lol

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The Winds all blow through the iron gates (of Hell) mentioned in the poem. Zephyr is the gentle breeze off the sea, Sirocco is the hot wind from the South, and Boeas is cold wind from the North (same origin as Aurora Borealis).

Let me know if you think every verse needs a note, or whether (as I'd originally planned) only the obscure bits need notes.

I'll experiment with - thanks - you're a real good help.

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I don't think every verse needs a note...

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