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Jagged Jack

Never, ever tell your kids you like their music! This will ruin their lives and possibly lead them to seek out more extreme forms of rebellion. Kids, especially teenagers, think they invented the music forms they are listening to and use music as a way of defining themselves as different from their parents. This is healthy, it means they are developing their own identity and are not merely younger versions of you. Teenagers SHOULD rebel, that is their sole purpose in life (I'm yet to find any other use for mine!).

So, when they're up in their rooms playing Marilyn Manson or Tupac at full blast, shout, "Turn that crap down" and mumble about 'Real music'. It gives them a focus for their angst.

The first rule of good parenting is - Be a devious b*****d!

Are you serious?

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Of course. And object vehemently to ear rings and make up so they feel tremendously rebellious when they have ears pierced and wear nail varnish.

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As I am a teenager (18), I would like to say that my mother and I haven't always seen eye to eye on my musical choices, but when we have it has made life a little more enjoyable. My mother, who is 41, likes many of the 80's bands that I do, such as The Cure, Sousxie and the Banshees, and the B-52s, she has never called my music crap, but has on occasion told me she didn't care for the music I was playing. As a teen who has never drank alcohol, (save for a glass of champagne on New Years), done drugs or smoked a cigarette, my only forms of rebellion seem to have been dyeing my hair, (with permission), and dressing on the dark side, (I buy my own clothes). My advice is to stay open minded about your children's choice in music and try and keep their mind open too. Honesty is always the best policy.

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