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Guidelines for Raising a Child

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Be mindful of the fact that while you are raising a child, you are also raising a person who will, if all goes well, become a productive member of society. Everything you say and do will shape who they will become and how they go into the world. Teach them kindness and compassion. Remind your child that everything they put into the world will come back to them, good and bad.
Promote creativity and self esteem. Teach them to think outside the parameters of "normal". Color outside the lines. Pretend. Explore. Sing. Tell stories. Love. Laugh! Tell your child who wonderful they are and WHY. Praise their accomplishments and help them muddle through the hard times. Hold hands. Hug. Help them face the monsters under the bed. Talk to their imaginary friend; invite them to tea. Teach them the words to your favorite song; learn the words to theirs.
We only have a short time with these people and should make the most out of every minute. Smile. Stay calm. DON'T PANIC.

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Guidelines for Raising a Child

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