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I felt that there needed to be some information on this quaint art of the british driver.

As mentioned before british drivers are not taught to overtake, and so if the driver behind doesn't feel like overtaking they will gladly follow you a metre behind.

The rules for Tailgating are as follows,

First you must always be between 1 and 5 metres behind,
Second, you must be driving at least 5 miles an hour faster than the person infront.
Third concentrate on the car in front exclusively, especially the brake lights.

To aid others in this endeavour remember that no matter what the speed limit is you go 40 MPH, in a built up area which signs will say is 30MPH go 40 MPH especially past schools, when you enter a derestricted zone continue at 40 MPH ignoring the fact you can go up to 60, or 70 in derestricted area's.

Someone should probably add something about speed camaera's you can always tell when one is coming up because every car in front will have their brake lights lighting up like its christmas.

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