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I grew up in Winnipeg. In fact, Winnipeg is so much a part of me that dicovering this article makes me homesick.

The article itself brings back Memories of sitting on the Patio at Bar Italia, drinking a latte and watching the most beautiful people in the world walk by.<SMILEY TYPE="love"/>

I cannot stay to write much more, but I intend on adding a second description of Winnipeg. Thanks for the trip home... Adam
<SMILEY TYPE="zen"/>

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Belle {Stunning red-head, more insane than brilliant, really... Keeper of the Top Ten lists...CDN}

I live just outside the city, but consider it my home. If you want any refreshers or a little ground work for that article, let me know what you're looking for. I'd be happy to help!

Where are you living now?

Some place warmer, I hope. (Last night got down to -35.7, I think. Last week we hit -39.5 without the wind chill!)

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Hey Belle,

Unfortunately Edmonton, Alberta, is no warmer than Winnipeg right now. I believe that it is supposed to hit -32 degrees tonight... I thought that I was hearty, but let me tell you. I want spring to come soon.

Thanks, for the offer. I'm think that I might write a piece on winnipeg coffee shops ( old, new , past and present). Or music. or festivals, or sketch comedy, or corydon, or people, or floods, or MOLSON STANDARD (oh, how I miss thee), or late nights at the Toad, or Contemporary Dance, or well.... er... you get the point.

Do me a favor, and just send me a message every once in a while when you think of something that specifically Winnipeg to you. What is it that makes a "dieing" prarie city, so special and wonderful.

Thanks again. lol


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