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The Rogue's Gallery is now closed. It is now occupied by a restaurant called "Butta Bing," and its name is fairly efffective as customer repellant.

The River City Brewing Company is now also defunct. In the space where it once was, sits the Osborne Village Freehouse; The OVH is a franchise of the Freehouse in Regina, Saskatchewan and is somehow connected with Regina's Bushwhackers' Brew Pub. The Freehouse has excellent, if expensive dinner and serves a mean glass of Bushwhackers' Porter which is rather delicious. This is imported from Saskatchewan, and served in what is known as a glass, as it is impossible to concede that a pint is 16 ounces.

The Toad, around the corner, is far superior; Phil Head, the bartender is full of urea and vinegar and is pleasantly abusive. The Toad doesn not have Bushwhackers' Porter, though they do serve Guinness. And, of course, Ft. Garry Dark Ale.

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updating on the winnipeg entry

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