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Wild. I was bloody furious.

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Damon the Demon

Yeah I agree on Absolutely. Overrated.

I much preferred a kick up the eighties (Great sketch was an advert for a necklace pendent perched between a nice cleavage, when the camera pans out its a builders arse crack).

I also like "Smack the Pony" on channel 4 last year. Very original, albeit a little hit and miss. The argument between surgeons over an open heart operation was fantastic. Flicking blood on each other before sticking the nurses face in the open chest wound. Funny as hell.

Wild. I was bloody furious.

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I'm not really here

I didn't watch Smack the Pony, but I saw a review of it that said it was great. By the time I decided to watch it, the series was finished. smiley - sadface

Wild. I was bloody furious.

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Peet (the Pedantic Punctuation Policeman, Muse of Lateral Programming Ideas, Eggcups-Spurtle-and-Spoonswinner, BBC Cheese Namer & Zaphodista)

(Siobhan Redmond was also the "Dominatrix upstairs" in "In The Red" (the TV adaptation))

Can I make a quick poll here - people are saying they didn't find "Absolutely" funny. How many of those are English, how many Scots, how many "other"...? It was a Scottish production, slanted towards a Scottish sense of humour - Gregor Fisher pioneered his "Rab C. Nesbitt" character in the series... I guess it made about as much sense to the English as Harry Enfield's "Loadsamoney" made to rural Scots... smiley - bigeyes

Wild. I was bloody furious.

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I'm not really here

I wasn't being rude about the Scottish (I am English)! I love Scottish men, there was a bloke in the pub just the other night made me go all funny when he spoke to me. Unfortunately he was with someone else, but still, I had to sit down when he spoke to me for more than 5 minutes.
I think Hello Mum was Scottish, and I loved that, I mentioned it before.

Wild. I was bloody furious.

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Fruitbat (Eric the)

Hey Damon,

You've reminded me of a not-terribly-hilarious-but-very-well-observed sketch where there's a crowd of people sitting around a long dinner table and half of them turn to the camera and pitch some popular product - while one person keeps asking about who they're all talking to because the camera's not supposed to be there.....I always liked that one.

BTW: the Interviewer asks if Gerald was wild when he was caught,

Atkinson: Wild?! I was positively livid!

Sadly, I fear that most of the material will have dated by now; I'm aching to get that Spitting Image song "Throw a poodle in the air, stick a deckchair up your nose, climb inside a dog and bury all your clothes...."


Wild. I was bloody furious. Dr Who

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Trillian's child

you think you're old. Dr Who still conjures up William Hartnell to me. Although I haven't lived in GB for the best part of the last thirty years, I still get withdrawal symptoms around 5 pm every Saturday (which is the time it was on then)

Wild. I was bloody furious.

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Global Village Idiot

Gregor Fisher was in A Kick up The Eighties, not Absolutely. The former was from BBC Scotland, the latter was Scots-made for Channel 4

I thought AKUt80s was so-so, and Absolutely was brilliant (I also have the spin-off series of "Mr.Don & Mr.George" on tape, and think it's fantastic). I'm English.

Some of the best stuff in Absolutely was by John Sparkes, who isn't Scottish - especially good as northerner Frank Bovis ("It was a fierce struggle - I think the poo had the weight advantage") and Welshman Denzil ("I have been invited to address the Welsh Institute of Wood").

Gregor Fisher

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Trillian's child

I'm English too. I think Gregor Fisher is sexy. Can't think why, he's not good looking and he's not exactly thin. But nor's Dan Ackroyd and I love him, too.


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I'm not really here

Dan Ackroyd, mmmmm.

Sorry, where was I?

Oh yes, The Spitting Image song. I still have the 12" of that locked in a cupboard somewhere. "learn to speak Arapaho, buy a jumbo jet, and pretend your name is Bo" Classic, really!

Tom Baker is Doctor Who to me, then maybe a bit of Peter Davidson, cos when I was a kid I fancied him in "All Creatures Great and Small".
But we don't want to talk about that really.

Spitting Image songs.

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Damon the Demon

I preferred the song that went something like " Ive never met a nice south african, and thats not bloody surprising man, coz therir a bunch of ignorant b******s with no sense of humour".

Can't remember much else of it though.

Spitting Image songs.

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I'm not really here

I think that's on the B side.


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Aaah yes, Gerald...

So, Gerald. Since becoimng famous, you are now really quite wealthty in your own right. What do you spend yr money on?

G: Well, alot of people imagine I spend it all on bananas, and admittedly much of it does go on soft fruit, but to be honest, I've become very fond of Johnny Mathis...

Keeper: "FOND!?" I should say so. When A Star Is Born blaring out at all times of the day and night...

G: Look, the production on that album is bl**dy brilliant...

Classic... smiley - smiley


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Yep. Gerald the gorilla, the Gramophone and Constable Savage were up there.

Along with them is the one where Pam walks into a house with bags of shopping and one her breasts actually hanging out. I think it's Mel who says, "Pam, what are you doing?" She looks down and then says, "Sh*t! I've left the baby on the bus!"

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