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Responsable breeding

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QueenBronners - Ferret Fanatic

"Your local pet shop will be delighted to take any babies from you."

I'm not too happy with the above quote from the entry. Pet shops are not guaranteed to take in baby animals leaving the owners a difficult choice about what to do with the unwanted animals. Seeing as there are unwanted pets lingering in animal shelters all over the world, I'd prefer that no one breeds a companion animal until the shelters are empty!

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Responsable breeding

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I agree

I use to know someone, who drowned five, eight week old labrador/alsation cross puppies, because local pet shop woudn't taken them. This was about 20 years ago. There are more rules and regulations now,I beleive, making it more difficult for pet shops to take animals.

I make no excuses for her despicable action. She owned both the puppies parents, and had used their mating as sex education for her four year old daughter.

I reported her to local animal organisation/charity - no action was taken, no bodies found. Though they were concerned about her daughter - no action taken there either. (Who's now grown up, hopefully a better person than her mother)

Oh and, the five drowned puppies were from a litter of eight, the other three, including my Tina, and her brother Buster, we often met in the park, had good homes. I had Tina for 13 years, until I had to have her put down due to illness.

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Responsable breeding

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Fish's Freak

I would suggest that if you do want to breed from your piggies, you find homes first - this is what I did and as there were only two in the litter, had more homes than piggies to supply!

Responsable breeding

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Llama Sabachthani

That is a good point, your majesty. I believe that I can contact the editors and ask them to change that part of the article.

Apologies for not responding before now. I have only noticed this message now.

Responsable breeding

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Llama Sabachthani

I have asked the editors to change the section on breeding. I hope that the new wording will be okay for every one.

Responsable breeding

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Llama Sabachthani

The editors have now changed the section on breeding.

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