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I just joined a school in Tanzania and we have about 16 guinea pigs all in one large enclosure constantly breeding. I want to seperate male/female so they no longer have babies. How many males/females can I keep together in one cage?

Can you keep a tortoise in with them?

Its a large enclosure.

Your urgent response please!

Guinea Pigs

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Gnomon - time to move on

Hi jo. I'm sorry I didn't see your question many months ago. You'll probably not come back here, but just in case you do, here's the answer.

You can keep as many females as you like together in a cage. You should keep at most 2 males together in a cage, and even then, it is best to try and match them so that males are kept with males they were brought up with. This reduces the number of fights.

Guinea pigs don't seem to like tortoises - mine were scared of the tortoise, but there's no problem keeping in the same enclosure.

Guinea Pigs

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Gnomon - time to move on

My guinea pigs have passed on, and I have a new set of guinea pigs. The new ones don't mind the tortoise at all, but the tortoise (still the same one) has grown to hate the guinea pigs. She spends all her time chasing them around and trying to bite them.

There's no danger that she'll ever catch them, but she wears herself out, so I now recommend that you don't keep a tortoise in with your guinea pigs.

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