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The Cow

Why doesn't Jodwell show up on [email protected]?


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Researcher 196031

[email protected] processes a small part of the data recorded by Project Serendip, which uses a receiver piggy-backed, pretty well permanently, to the Arecibo Telescope in Puerto Rico. Hence the Arecibo Radio Observatory is always identified as the source in the [email protected] Client window.

Jodrell Bank's participation in SETI, on the other hand, is as a follow-up detector for Project Phoenix; in the event that the project's primary detector (Arecibo again, but using a different receiver) should register a possible extra-terrestrial signal, Jodrell Bank will be called in to confirm it. The idea here is to recognise & reject signals emanating from within the solar system.

More info. about Project Phoenix, & SETI in general, is available at http://www.seti-inst.edu


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Somehow I can imagine Seti picking up a signal from E.T's and after our scientists decode it finding that we've tuned in on an E.T. soda pop ad or something. Now that would be right out of Douglas Adams H2G2 universe. :D

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