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Martin Pollard

I believe Jodrell Bank was once used as a filming location for Doctor Who. Any more information, anyone?

Doctor Who

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David St. Hubbins - Keeper Of Quality Footware

Yes, it was. Although my memory is failing me (aah!), it was one of two episodes; either an episode of "The Autons" (a Pertwee episode, with The Master), or "Logpolis" (Tom Baker's last episode, also with The Master). I could also be utterly incorrect!

Doctor Who

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Yes, it was Mr. Bakers last Episode, Logopolis (I think). He actually fell off Jodrell Bank and died, replaced by some creedy white bloke who'd been folloewing them around for a few episodes and turned out to be a bloke who played Yorksire Vets. very disappointing but a marvelous showcase for The Lovell telescope - a favouries stomping ground of mine as a child.

Doctor Who

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Demon Drawer

Peter Davidson who was also the Cow who want's to be eaten at Milliways in the TV version of h2g2. Tom Baker fell from the dish while pursuing the Master and the transformation occured after he hit the ground. Didn't realise that was Jodrell but remember the episode clearly.

Doctor Who

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David St. Hubbins - Keeper Of Quality Footware

Isn't Jodrell Bank also a euphamism for spanking the monkey;

As in, "I'm off for a quick Jodrell".


Doctor Who

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I remember this episode well as I had visited the place several times as a kid and thought that it was amazing to have it in Doctor Who and I got confused with the whole TV v Real life thing. I was very young.

I seem to remember Jim Carrey falling off a dish in Cable Guy. Obviously a rip-off.

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