A Conversation for Sex and the Average Teenager

It only takes one...

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I think the message that should be emphasised a little more clearly in this article is that it only takes unprotected sex once to open yourself to all manner of STDs, or to get pregnant. If the person you have sex with is not a virgin (which they may or may not be honest with you about) then you are not just sleeping with them, but their former partners and their partner's' partners, and so on. Both males and females are inclined to lie when in comes to sex (virginity, number of sexual partners, age, feelings, etc.), so you must take responsibility for your own sexual health, and insist on using a condom, no matter what promises you hear. Just remember these famous words of wisdom:

Don't be silly... protect your willy!

smiley - winkeye


It only takes one...

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Shaitan (Father of all Vampires, 1st Lord of the Wamphyri)

Well, what can I say? I can't see waht the big deal is, so many hassles for (depending
on age) anywhere from 5 minutes(if that) to a half hour or possibly more of pleasure.
I am Male, 21 and have never had sex. Personally it doesn't mean s**t to me, I couldn't care less. The part of the whole thing is that I have been single My whole life
Every girl I have asked out has said words to the effect of "Awwwww, you're too nice!
I don't want to lose U as a friend, while the guys they know who act like A*******s are at the top of the list of potential boyfriends. It is hard to admit, seeing as I rarely allow my feelings out in the open, that it does hurt, to think that these girls, if things didn't work out with a "nice guy", the mentioned nice guy would still be willing to still be friends with them, While the a******e, after the breakup, will brag to his mates about every single session of sex, most likely exaggerated and improved, and will never speak to the ex again. I cannot understand the way the minds of girls 17+ work.
Comments, anyone?

It only takes one...

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Go for a good, close friendship, rather than a standard relationship, that is usually only created for mating purposes.

It only takes one...

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I agree with you Shaitan. Women 17+ do go for the guys who will mess them about and leave them in a state. Its after that when us guys who go rejected have to clean up the mess that other man makes. Then again the feelings for them grow stronger and you yourself end up worse. Hence why the nice guys dont get much sex it seems. It doesnt bother me either cos i know at the end of the day i will find me a nice girl who will be worth the wait smiley - winkeye


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