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I hear that in order to legally own a radio in the People's Democratic Republic of Korea, one must register said radio with the authorities. In order to do so, the receiver in question must be taken to the registry's office, where it is issued with an ID number, then the dial is soldered to the frequency where the state-sponsored programmes are broadcast. A license for owning said radio is issued and the police are authorised to enter upon the premises at any time to make sure the solder-job has not been interfered with. Should the police not be satisfied with their findings, then BOOM!!!! You disappear into a labour camp where you are brutally tortured, starved, beaten until you are deemed fit to die and left to the carrion birds to devour your remains. Don't worry about leaving your family behind though, because theyare just as guilty as you are, and they will be joining you in the camps, because the Great Leader once said that enemies of the people must be wiped out to the third generation.

In contrast, I have fond childhood memories of my visit to the UK. I had just turned 12 (back in 1986) and my dad had a business trip to London he had to take and it was my birthday present to accompany him to "Jolly Ol' England" (we're Yanks). We stayed at a country inn at Wooburn, just outside of London, beautiful, hilly, green country as I remember it. Anyway, one of the staff was showing us our room and I turned on the radio (it was set to FM), and we heard the police broadcasts. She told us to turn the dial as it was illegal to listen to that station. Of course, the forbidden fruit was planted, and I listened to it whenever I was alone in the room, not busy playing elaborate pranks on the staff (hey, a little shit of the age of 12 with an IQ of 160 has to have his fun and I haven't changed much now that I'm 31).

Anyway, I still find it humo(u)rous that it was (is?) illegal to listen to police transmissions on the FM dial in the UK, while in America it is perfectly legal, but you have to buy a police-band receiver to do so.

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Media control

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