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Trade with NK grows everyday, every year

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Well, we just heard the news, a few days ago, that the N.K. government/dictatorship had a test with a nucliair bomb. Nobody can be sure, maybe it's just all show and no go, like Saddam Hoessein (with his WMD).
But even if it did asif, the country should be surveilled very closely.

Of course there is talk about economic sanctions and there should be.
But what strikes me the most was, what I heard at BBC TV.
China, USA,Japan, South Korea; áll have rather intensive ties.
Like Walt Disney makes its cartoon games in North Korea. North Korea is in the internet bussiness more professional than China is, at this moment.
We all, my self included saw and see the abject performance of a sick elite with a dead man as "eternal president", who's son has a red Ferrari and twenty thousand Hollywood movies, while the common man can hardly survive and the rule of "collective guilt" is on their shoulders.
If óne member of a family commits a crime - let's say, spits at a poster about their beloved leader with thick belly - his whóle family will be transported to a labourcamp. From zero untill hundred years old. Every member of that family.
An alternative for a labourcamp can be death because of chemical
experiments. The whole family is put in a room with only walls of glass; then chemicals are pumped into that room and men in white clothes at the outside takes notes of what happens with the victims.

As I said; of course there is talk about economic sanctions because of the nucl. test.
But why did we - as we should have - boycot South Africa during its decades of "apartheid" (the only Dutch word in the global language..),
and we don't do it in relation to N.Korea??!!

Yes, sanctions have their dark side effects for the inhabitants,
but N.Korea is at least as "sick" as S.Africa was.

Now South Korea, China, USA, Japan, and maybe Europe are real trade comrads with N.Korea. Just because N.Korea is starting to be booming while it's still cheaper than China and India?

I got all this info from the BBC and Dutch Television around oct. 15th in 2006.

I understand, that because of the weird and sick politics over there,
we overlook what has happened the last years inside the N.K. economy.
Well, the ties with the East and West are really close, while these should not be so.

With or without nucl. bombs; the world needs to respond much larger to that state so far, and "so far" for me is not the simplistic policy of "axis of evil" of Bush, just because he needs more tam tam
for his own agenda.

Greetings from Amsterdam

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Trade with NK grows everyday, every year

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