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There was a Dr. Who episode not long ago (The girl in the fireplace) where the villians of the piece were clockwork robots. And of course as noted the Dr's Tardis seems to have a retro look now days. One control looks like the handle for an air pump. lol.


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I used to be a submariner on Hunter Killer fleet class submarines.
Oh sweet memories of the hot and steamy world smiley - rolleyes you develop a sort of sub culture when away submergedsmiley - winkeye
Yes, the puns are intentional!smiley - laugh


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Ah, I've subs in my blood, my father use to be a fitter on the nukes at Chatham docks...

Glad you guys enjoyed the Entry smiley - ok


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Researcher 1300304

what we know as steampunk has always been around. well not before the age of steam itself, but you know what i mean. there was a lot of it in films and other media in the 60s for example, it just didn't have a name.

i'm not fond of the word 'steampunk' but at laast us folks who have loved it all along have a handle to put to it.

ftr, dr who has always been steampunk. the first doctor was deliberately victorian and the original tardis even then had steampunk design elements. a lot of this was lost around the tom baker era (jon pertwee was delightfully steampunk in both dress and manner. altho that car might have gone a bit too far.)

the swing back to steampunk in dr who happened not with the new tv series, but with the movie with the 8th doctor.


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kipperonthefloor - Make sense? What fun is there in Making sense?

On the subject of the tardis the eight doctors console was very clunky levers not sure if this would be classed as Steampunk
Oh congrats on making it onto the Beeb's front page!

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