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Star Trek Chronology mistake

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There is, I believe, a mistake in the chronology of this article, with regards to Star Trek. The article states that Gene Roddenberry created all of the incarnations of Star Trek.

I don't believe that this is the case. He was certainly a co-creator of Star Trek (original series) and also co-creator of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he was "Executive Consultant" for some of the films. However, I believe that Star Trek: Deep Space 9 happened after his death. (I heard rumors that he was against the idea, and it only was able to proceed after he died.) Star Trek: Voyager began even later than that.

Star Trek Chronology mistake

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Lost in Scotland

Yes, you are correct. Both DS9 and VOY started after Roddenberry's death, and I have also heard the rumour about him being opposed to the DS9 series, since it was based on a stationary base instead of a starship that could fly about and "seek out new life and new civilisations" and "boldly go where noone has gone before".

Star Trek Chronology mistake

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Researcher 33337

Actually, Gene Roddenberry was fairly against most of teh films. In particular Star Trek VI which had a federation suddely very sneaky and conspiratorial and unwilling to assist the dying Klingons.

Star Trek Chronology mistake

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...although the best Rodenberry intervention was in Star Trek V, when William Shatner wanted Kirk to meet God. Rodenberry, thankfully, said "no".

Star Trek Chronology mistake

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Researcher 33337

Yeah, but thats just because you know god would have looked like Shatner. STV Improves with beer, get drunk and you glaze over the shakey effects, bad direction and iffy plot and you can laugh at scotty banging his head of a pipe

Star Trek Chronology mistake

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I honestly believe the first chronology gaff ,appears and runs threw out TNG. Its more evident after 1991 when Gene Roddenberry sadly died .As Rick Berman started then to change the timeline . The evidence being in the episode "Relics " The conversation between Mr Scott & Picard , the same gaff is there when Spock appears and mentions Captain Kirk .

Its interesting to watch star trek history being re-written,Is this the way the "Great bird of the galaxy " saw the future ?

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