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Embarassment when buying condoms

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Researcher 180720

In order to avoid embarassment when buying condoms, I recommend adopting one of the following:

- buy something just as, or even more, embarassing (such as athlete's foot poweder, or verruca socks). This will take the edge of the embarassment factor of buying a packet of 12. Or it might make you twice as embarassed.

- buy ANYTHING else as well (perhaps something ordinary or everyday like deodorant)...at least this way it doesn't look like it was the only reason for going into the chemist. It also makes you feel as if it is part of your regular routine.

Embarassment when buying condoms

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Here's the way I look at it...
unless you're buying a case full of them, there's nothing to be embarassed about. Think about it. If there's any women in the store, including the cashier, that are actually paying attention, they MIGHT (and I do stress the MIGHT part) think that you're sweet guy for being so considerate to your woman. Otherwise, they'll most likely not even think twice about it. It's just a NORMAL thing now-adays.
It's pretty funny, actually... People still get embarassed about buying tampons for their woman. The funny thing is it's usually met with the exact same type of response as condoms, except more women will notice it and think how sweet you are, and secretly wish their man would do that for them.

Embarassment when buying condoms

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Researcher 217130

It used to be acceptable to buy cigarettes and a social stigma to buy condoms.

now it is the reverse.

Embarassment when buying condoms

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Vampress (ex-LDer--Queen of The Dark Side - and PART time lurker only, due to busy vampiric duties)

Sorry to interrupt but I 'stumbled' on this conversation thru a friends page, to be honest Im just being nosey smiley - laugh

But from a womans point of view I have to say Rico is right concerning the condoms and especially the tampons, if I saw a guy in a chemist buying tampons especially I would think, 'awww bless him, isnt that sweet', women love that kinda mushy stuff regardless of what they tell ya smiley - laugh. Hmmm its kinda romantic in a wierd kinda way too.

Dont be embarrassed guys, cos in a womans eyes it just makes you look adorable smiley - smiley

All the best Vampress smiley - vampiresmiley - redwine

Embarassment when buying condoms

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WOWBAGGER, big bird

I have never been ambaressed to buy condoms, or tampons... for one, yeah the condoms are for me but I'm getting some action, who the heck cares... and the tampons well, they aren't for me so why should I be embarased about that... my wife loves me when I got get her stuff liek that... personaly though I must admit I do have a ratehr odd purchasing phobia... I will not buy toilet paper. my wife must do that... go ahead and laugh, have a nice day

Embarassment when buying condoms

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What i find is the best thing to do when buying condoms is- don't go the chemist, or local shop, BORING! Go to the stores where you can find anything to do with sex (ie an adult store). Not only do they have more choice, but drag your partner and have a good giggle! it also makes it easier when it comes to putting them on, and the girl can help work out which are the "best" ones for both of you. and getting a combination pack is the best -close your eyes and treat it as a lucky dip!

Impotency is not hereidatry, but insanity is- you get it from your kids.


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