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Getting my cat (INDY) into the U.K.

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I need help! I am American and my husband is English,we are married and have been for 15 years, We are in the U.K. at the moment, and now plan on staying here. I am desperate to bring our cat Indy here ASAP. Indy is 18 years old, but you would not know it! He still jups, runs and climbs trees when outside, He is an indoor cat but loves to go outside as well, he always has. He has absolutly no medical problems at this point! I got him from the Humaine Society in Naples, FL 18 years ago, he was 6 weeks old. He was given all the necessary shots, and obviously nutered as well. And all the shots needed throughout the years, and I have the papers for all this since his adoption. He doesn't have a microchip, can I have my Mother take him to get that and all the other necessary things he needs to have done? Also after finally obtaining his passport, can I hire the proper shipping Company that ships animals, to ship him over without me being with him, but will be there to pick him up from the airport, or do I have to accompany him on the way over, meaning do I have to go back and get him and accompany himover, or can my Mother drop him off to the proper Animal Shipping Co.? , If not, cAN i HAVE FRIENDS THAT WILL BE VISITING US bring him with them??? Also I need help with all of this, as I am American living here, and My English husband had been living with me in Naples, FL for the past 18 years and is not up to date with all the laws here either. I hope someone reading this can help me thru this whole process, sort of my Animal passport pen pal! smiley - smiley I would very much appreciate, and also be advised of the costs that are going to be involved! I thank you for anyone's help, your new animal passport penpal! smiley - smiley

Getting my cat (INDY) into the U.K.

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Hmm, I'm afriad I don't know the answer.

You may be better off posting this question in <./>Askh2g2</.> as more people visit that particular page.

Good luck,

smiley - fairy

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Getting my cat (INDY) into the U.K.

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