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What any person who is uninitiated in the ways of the Simpsons should do is: go and watch as many of the Simpsons as you possibly can. They are all hilarious, but I have to say that the first episodes did not have as good animation and characterisation as the later episodes. Also, you may not be able to get into the entire of the show at once, this requires some perserverance - not too much though as it should not take too long to get a grip of what is going on, and for all of the in-jokes to make more sense. It should be noted that the Simpsons description on the Guide is excellent, but one salient and important point is not represented. The Simpsons is much more than just the Simpsons. The supposed secondary characters engender just as much, if not more mirth and hilarity than the main cast of characters themselves. Ned Flanders, Chief Wiggum, Dr Nick, Sideshow Bob are to name just a few. The Simpsons is not for children, though I suppose it will not harm them. The humour may be slightly on the adult side for some parents tastes, but these will inevitably be parents who do not like the Simpsons. Even though the Simpsons make many comments and references to social problems and the world around us in an often satirical and comical way, some people (my relatives for one) view the Simpsons as being a waste of time and space and they say it is childish and stupid. I am 22 years old, and if anything you cannot describe me as childish. The Simpsons is filled with intelligence and serious commentary underlying the comical nature of the storylines. It reflects the way in which we live.

Steven Proctor

Simpsons - more than the Simpsons

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I agree with you completely, I have been watching the simpsons since I was 3, and I never understood any of the more adult references, but I thought it was still hillarious. But that's beside the point, The simpsons is loaded with intelligent and very hidden messages, the todays sermon board is a personal favorite of mine. There's something about the Virgin Mary, and He knows what you did last summer are just a few of the hidden gems.

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Simpsons - more than the Simpsons

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