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Malabarista - now with added pony

In principle, keeping some of the crop as seed is a great idea - that's the traditional method, of course. But do be aware that they quickly lose their hybrid properties even within the second generation (anyone remember Mendel and the peas?) - so if you're looking for uniform beans with special qualities as indicated on the packet, you'll need to buy new ones every year.

seed beans

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That's not strictly true. It's only accurate if the seeds you bought in the first place were hybrids. If not, then you can carry on reproducing good beans year after year from your own seed.

If you buy F1 hybrids, you're unlikely to get anything like a bean from your own seed, although very few beans are F1s as far as I'm aware.

I buy heritage and organic seed, which aren't hybridised to that extent smiley - smiley

seed beans

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Malabarista - now with added pony

smiley - ok Those are better anyway!

Yes, F1 are what I meant. I know from experience, my uncle has saved his crop for years and produces some truly funky vegetables nowsmiley - winkeye

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