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How sure can we be?

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How sure can we be about this description of the Sun/ star? Do the facts match the theory?

1)"The core of the Sun is where energy generation takes place..."
"The temperature of the core is of the order of 107K." (= 10million degrees)
"...it is impossible to see inside" so are we not just guessing?

2)0.15 to 0.7
"Photons are absorbed and re-emitted every few millimetres. It takes more than 50,000 years for the photons generated here to escape from the Sun."
>Golly this is a slow process! Cannot make fast changes.
BUT the sun changes size every 160 minutes and brightness from minutes to hours!

3)0.7 - 0.99
"Convection currents move gasses of varying temperature around in this zone...The temperature ..order of 106 to 107K." (= 1-10million deg??)

>The Big Bear Solar Observatory lists the photosphere temperature as about 6000K. Sunspots are typically 4000K - holes looking in to the centre!

4) "The Sun's corona ... is very hot gas, about 5x107K (50million deg)..."
>Lower Corona is listed as 2 million degrees. Whatever - it's much hotter than the photosphere surface!smiley - blush

5) "..and is heated by pressure and magnetic fields from deeper inside the Sun."

>How do you make magnetic fields, to reach out that far? Surely you need electric fields and currents too?

I haven't mentioned the solar wind yet.smiley - sadface

How sure can we be?

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Could the centre of the sun be cool due to the enormous pressures involved?smiley - cool

How sure can we be?

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It could be cool because there ain't much there! The real action is on and above the surface.

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