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I'm getting on a bit now, (I remember John Noakes and Peter Purvis being presenters, but I have a vague memory of a time capsule being buried in the Blue Peter Garden, to be dug up in the year 2000.

As I no longer live in england and can no longer watch BBC, does anyone know what happened to it and what was in it?



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Hope you're still listening, can't believe no-one's managed to get back to you on this yet - I don't know much myself but I did see some odd bits of the big "digging up the time capsule" episode and it was both quite sad and quite hilarious, in about equal measure. Having gone on for ages about what they'd put in the thing (I can't really remember what, mostly photos and some old cans of film, presumably of classic BP episodes), they proceeded out to the garden and, I'm pretty sure live, dug up the thing, heaved it back into the studio and started getting stuff out - only to find that the shonky bit of packaging hadn't stood the test of time at all well - most of the stuff inside had been waterlogged for some time and it all crumbled and squelched away to nothing as they unpeeled it all, picture by picture, leaving just a sodden mass of wet paper pulp and a few pretty eggy faces. Classic telly moment.


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Thanks for answering, I'd forgotten all about asking this question.

Sounds about standard for BP, everything going wrong!

smiley - laugh

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