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well one thing failed to mention on the rantings about the great city of philadelphia is that local residents ,and some who do not dwell there,usually shorten the name to "philly". the name of philadelphia, being 12 letters long, is perhaps a little too much for the simple folk who live there. now don't mistake my words, for there is nothing wrong with being simple. trust me, i know. philadelphia residents are known nationally for they're ability to shorten words. they have mastered this art and use it as if there were no thought process to complete it. they are such masters of the art of word-shortening that they can speak a complete sentence as if it were one word. e.g. "did you eat" becomes "jeet". they have even gone so far as shortening words that are already short, such as you becoming "ya" and that becoming "dat". this city of philadelphia is known for its unique language. it even shortened the name of the city, hence this article.



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Word shortening occurs in the UK, especially with Scouse, where 'that' becomes 'dat' and 'you all' becomes 'yuse', 'jeet' also exists in the form of 'didyaeet?'smiley - biggrin

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