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When I was studying maths at university, someone had written on the faculty noticeboard: "Maths Lecturers are number '- e ^ ( - i pi)' (i.e. number one - except they wrote it without the limitations of ASCII text, so it looked better..)

Underneath this, some wag had written: 'pi i -ed'

Humorous anecdote

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Jim diGriz

Reminds me of one I saw back in the 1980s. Supposedly printed on a T-shirt (and as a proper formula, not in ASCII!):

b4i sqr(u) ru/16 ?

(Of course, this does depend upon the colloquialism "root", but I'm sure you can guess what it means if you don't already have it in your version of English.)

Humorous anecdote

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Like it. I'm still trying to work out how to create a variation for those who do not have the 'root' slang (which includes me, although I can guess what it means, obviously..). Any suggestions, anybody?

Humorous anecdote

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Omicron - Master of Hyperspace and Chanter of arcane superstring equations

Here's another anecdote, this time about Euler himself.

As you know, in Euler's time, the monarch was semi-divine in his own right, or some such nonsense, which obviously made atheism a matter of state. At one time, Euler was called to the court of Catherine the Great to engage in a debate with one of the biggest atheists running around back then. The atheist gave a long speech describing his point of view and the evidence for it.

When it was his turn to speak, Euler merely stood up and said, "Sir, x=..., therefore God exists!"

Legend has it that the atheist was booted out of the court amid jeers and cries of laughter.

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hmmm i dont get it?
" Underneath this, some wag had written: 'pi i -ed' "
My english is'nt that good, what does it mean?

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Captain_SpankMunki [Keeper & Former ACE] Thanking <Diety of choice> for the joy of Goo.

It's pronounced 'pie eyed' which is slang for very drunk. smiley - winkeye


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you again Liam smiley - smiley
thx for the anwser again

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Humorous anecdote

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