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Taa 4 the pointers!

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omylouse-formerly "Saffron"

smiley - smileyThanx smiley - magic
I now fully intend 2 print a copy of "washing dishes the easy way" and putting it up in the common room at school. Despite it being a girls school (though admididly not a very good 1 - note my spelling as an example of this fact)there are always dishes sitting in the sink slowly turning mouldy.That is, until I resuue them!I <3 washing up / cleaning!!! Maybe with the help of your page I will be able to convert some people! (fat chance!)

From a sparkling clean lemon fresh omylouse! smiley - smiley

Taa 4 the pointers!

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You're welcome, omylouse (or is it Saffron?). Glad you found it useful. Happy dish-washing and happy standing-by while other people wash dishes. Eeyore (Head Donkey and Bottle-Washer). smiley - bigeyes

Taa 4 the pointers!

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omylouse-formerly "Saffron"

Basically I was called Saffron coz my so called mates think that I look like Saffron from Ab Fab but I prefer to be called an omylouse coz that is what I am and like the other omylouse im proud of it.(If you dont understant read our personal space!)

From a knackered little omylouse smiley - smiley
(I was up late last night coz my pet sheep was having lambs, twin girls healthy, black or brown fleece(it was dark) and very vey wobbly and cute!)

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