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Sitting at the tables

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This article makes the claim that it is *not* in their best interests to teach you to play well, but this is exactly the opposite at the actual gambling table. Card dealers and others make a decent wage, but they make a killing on the tips they receive from successful patrons, known in gambler parlance as a "toke." It's a matter of etiquette to toke the dealer when you're on a run of good luck, and one of the best encouraged methods of doing this is to place a side bet for the dealer. You do this by placing your own bet in the required spot, and then placing your toke in front of that. If the hand loses, both bets go to the house, but if the hand wins, the dealer keeps the toke bet and prize, and you keep your original personal bet and its winnings. The dealers make money when the table makes money, and they freely offer advice on how to play specific hands. The house does nothing to discourage this behavior for two reasons: it keeps novice players at the table (who will eventaully become repeat business), and the odds are all on their side, so they're going to make money anyway.

Sitting at the tables

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Good point. I based this on when I took a Craps lesson a few years ago. They really encouraged the "Field Bet" because it is easy to understand.

However, when you are actually playing, the boxmen/dealers really do want you to do well! More tips for them! You are right...

Sitting at the tables

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The best tip for the deal in Craps is the 7/11 or any Hard Way. 7/11 means just that, if you role a 7 or 11 you win the bet (or the dealer does if it is a tip) the "Hard Ways" are doubles (2+2 = 4, 3+3 = 6 etc.) On the gaming table these numbers are in the middle at are easily placed by the dealers.
Placing bets for the dealers in the course of game-play IS encouraged, but both of the above-mentioned bets have atrocious odds, were I a dealer I would much rather just have the money smiley - smiley

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