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Martian Anomalies

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Jeremy Stench

There seems to be a growing trend in interest in odd things Martian. I can't recall a time when so many theories have been floated, retracted and tweaked in such a short time frame.

We know more about Mars than any of our other solar system neighbors, yet are still stymied by some of the enigmas (water, life, Cydonia, to name a few).

Cydonia has garnered the lion's share of attention, but there are plenty of other "things that shouldn't be there." At least as far as conventional wisdom is concerned.

I have become fascinated with a number of anomalies and have started a small sub-site to share the ideas/findings. If you are interested, you can see them here:
(URL removed by moderator)

Most of what's there is a work in progress, but there are a few eyebrow raising images/theories as well.

Martian Anomalies

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Hay, people. I knwo I'm a silly American but why post theses if your going to remove parts of it

Martian Anomalies

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Um. He didn't know that the Mods would remove it... The Moderator has removed it, but the actual entry hasn't been edited (minus the brackets.).

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Martian Anomalies

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