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Death of N64

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Matt Patron Saint of Random Probability!

I agree with the entry on the N64. It is obvious the N64 is now dead. The only thing it is hanging onto is the fact that little children still like Pokemon. Sega and Sony seem to be the only console producers who at the moment make more adult games.

Death of N64

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Sorry, i think you seemed to have missed the point. Adult games are not the be all and end all of the gaming world. Nintendo have concentrated on creating original and inovative games on the limited system they have got.
Wether the game has adult content or not.. just isnt the case. If the game plays well... Its a good game!
Super Mario 64/Donkey Kong 64 are, whilst having no blood or swearing or "Adult themes", are infact the best 3dplatform games in the world. There is nothing on the Playstation or Dreamcast or PC that can better those games in their qualified genre. Sonic Adventure on the Dreamcast was infact written to be, "Good, but just not as good as Super Mario 64", by the offical DCUk mag!
You should stop worrying about whether a game has adult themes in it, and think about broadening you game play to other platforms and genres. Grab a snes emulator and play FF6! or the orig snes Bomberman! or Zelda64 voted the best game of the last Centuary by Edge magazine! Just grow up! Your quest for "Mature(!?)" games leads your gaming knowledge, experience and overal ENJOYMENT to be very immature.

Death of N64

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Matt Patron Saint of Random Probability!

You are so very extremely wrong. I did not say I only liked games with adult content. I was merely stating the fact that the 64 is hanging onto the rather 'over milked' craze on Pokemon. As for games like Sonic Adventure, they are in my opinion just as good as any 64 platformer, and to say that my choice in games is narrow minded is simply wrong.

Death of N64

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Arthur Dentist, Really Cool Guardian Angel (Patron Saint of Pliers, and Wrencher of Teeth) With a Pointlessly Long, Stupid Name

Somehow, I manage to agree with both of you smiley - winkeye in some ways anyway

Does everyone overlook the fact that the N64 does have games with adult content? OK, I admit that Perfect Dark isn't all that gory, but it is an 18.

DC seems to be doing OK for itself. Games like Sonic Adventure are good. In my opinion, games like Dead or Alive 2 are pointless, except for those strange people who like artificial wobbly, bouncy bits. Too much of an attempted "babe fest" to be any good.

My favourite kind of game is an RPG, so I may be seen as biased. Then again, I think that games like the MK series are fun, if a little out of date smiley - smiley

JodaCast, I think you over reacted to Matts statement. He did not say "adult games", but "more adult games", ie those more mature than Pokemon.

In my opinion, games like GTA and Driver, while fun, are a bad influence.

Yes, Pokemon is overmilked, this is backed up by the up-and-coming Pokemon Crystal, which makes use of a new "mobile link" for the Gameboy, which has been developed just for Pokemon. (OK, a little lie, but they are being released on the same day)

Pokemon is not all bad; it has been the most successful gaming venture for a long time. It has broken all sales records to do with consoles that it possibly can. Hats off to it.

I have a SNES emu already (and Megadrive, and Gameboy...) Donkey Kong Country 3 for the Snes rocks! Better than many more "advanced" games available today.

Off for a smiley - ale now!



Death of N64

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Matt Patron Saint of Random Probability!

Thanks Steve. I probrobly was to hasty to reply to JodaCasts reply and I agree with you.

Death of N64

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Gta is a good game. I would play that game with the volume up loud it had SUCH a good sountrack on the PC.
The new Zelda game comes out tomorrow..... I canne' wait!!
But I have to. There is a more personal immediate purchase i have to do.... MONKEY ISLAND. The fourth installment of this fantastic LucasArts game.

The Secret of Monkey IslandTM was one of the first games I bought for my first PC (including Lemmings 2 - another damn fine game) and I loved playing every minute of it. I really really hope u guys have played all the Monkey games. They are complete joy. I laugh and laugh... smiley - smiley

Im quite passionate about games.

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