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It was abysmally stupid for Nintendo to try to gear their product to kids. Kids' games can be had on the other systems, and a parent buying a system for their child has one concern: price. A new Playstation costs $100, compared to N64's near $200. New release games for Playstation run from $30-50, and for N64 are $50-80. And as a spokesman for the young adult market, I can tell you that although N64 games look better and load faster, there just aren't enough titles available for me to make the switch.

Video game market

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A true statement my friend. The Playstation has many more games. Although I have found that whilst the Playstation may have more games it does tend to have loads of Average to bad games with only a few "Excellent" games around. The N64 however, although having a smaller pool of games to chose from, does have many more "EXCELLENT" games, hardly any average but lots of bad games. Sufice to say, when the N64 is good, its very good (GoldenEye, Zelda64, DonkeyKong 64, Perfect Dark!) but when its bad... its fecking terrible....

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