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Your entry shows the different beers of Germany in detail. I think it will help a stranger very much if he or she ever comes to Germany and likes to take a deep draught of beer. What I miss is the lot of drinks of beer mixed with something else, cola for example. They have quite funny names for a foreigner like: Krefelder, Alster, Radler, Versautes or Bananenweizen. And do You know what it could be?


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Not bad the article... but a bit narrow minded though, even in Bavaria most of the time (except in beergardens or the places where all the tourist get tanked) you will normally get just half a litre of beer.

And now for allt he mixery. I guess it wasn´t mentioned, because this stuff would be really going over the top then. We already have more than enough brands of beer and if you add all the mixed drinks made from them... thats just too much. But just to satisfy you here is a couple of the most disgusting I have ever head (They are all from Bavaria and ,yes, they are all served in 1-litre mug)

So here is the first one:

Laternen-Maß (Laterne translates to latern):

You take the mug put a wine or champagne-glass filled with cassis (french liquor, very heavy and sweet) in it and fill it up with beer. Looks funny tastes funny.

Schneeball-Maß (schneeball = Snowball)

Mug with beer, with ice-cream (usually vanilla) in it

and one thing that hasn´t that much to do with beeranymore, but is a sure-fire neckbreaker

The infamous Goaßn-Maß (goaß is bavarian and means goat)

A 1 Liter Mug filled with wine, mineral water, schnaps, whatever lies around and is not fast enough, and often to top it of some beer. It is just plain disgusting, but if you manage to drink one of these buggers, you will be happily passed out for the next couple of days...

Well hope this helps

like, later



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Dee-Blah, Cut-Me-Own-Finger

Just thought I'd have to complete this with a list:

Alster = Radler = Beer with lemonade
Saurer Radler = Beer + Mineral Water
Mixery = Beer + Coke + Fanta
Bananenweizen = Weizenbeer + Banana Juice (no joke)


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YUCK!!!! Beer and Banana ..... Beer and water?

Iiiek, you just can´t drink that, can you?

Chili, grossed out


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you`re right: you can`t drink beer mixed with something else


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right on!! about the bavarian mass (or any other glass that holds more than 0.2l of beer i.e. pints, etc):

the stuff gets warm before you've downed it. that's why Kölsch-Stangen are the best invention ever


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Another addition: "Alsterwasser" (meaning "water from the river Alster") is the northern-german expression for what we in Bavaria call "Radler" (meaning "byciclist").
We usually drink Radler in summer, when it is hot and you have to drink more, so you won't get drunk too fast (and you're still able cycle home from the Biergarten).


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If your beer is too warm, then you are too slow...

Never ever had a warm Mass in my life...

Chili, who got fabulously drunk last night...


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mixery - Whoops

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Beer + Cola is also known as Diesel. Tastes wierd but as not awful as you might think.

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