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Hey...what is the best beer, in your opinion?

Bitburger? Früh Kölsch? Hannen Alt? Diebels? Köstritzer? Flens? Becks? Einbecker? Schneider Weisse? Erdinger? Paulaner? Hacker-Pschorr?

Or something completely different?


HighGain, (Alt-Kemptener Weisse rULeZ! *g*) smiley - winkeye

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Schroeder, not playing the piano

As someone from cologne, I need to ensure you all, that it is definitely "Reissdorf Kölsch".

If you ever get to cologne, never choose another Kölsch

Have nice drink


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Forget all those Preußen-beers. The real beers are the fränkische. Or, more precisely, the oberfränkische. There are several small private breweries that brew very good beer. It's quite hard to get those beers outside those villages. Some of these breweries even brew only for the restaurant that is part of it.
Very good beers are:Alt from Diezhof near Forchheim, Hebendanz from Forchheim, Aufsesser Dunkel and Aufsesser Edel-Pils.

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In my opinion:
"Rothaus Tannenzäpfle", which is Pilsener or the even more delicious "Hefeweizen" they offer.
Unfortunately I didn't have a good southern-german Beer for two and a half months now. Up here in Gothenburg you can get only their flat industrial beer and sometimes an imported (Stella, Becks and so on).
But next weekend a friend comes for a visit and he promised to bring as much "Erdinger" with him as he can carry.
I am really looking forward to this! smiley - smiley

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A brewery from Passau.
No need to say more ..

August and nothing else

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Hi folks,
as far as I am concerned there is no better beer than Augustiner Lager (not Edelstoff). It´s the oldest brewery of Munich and it doesn´t have to pose any ads it just sells well without.
OK there are other good beers like Spaten, Köstritzer Schwarzbier or Örthinger Weisse but none reaches the taste of a cold August.

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Krombacher Pils!!!

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Dee-Blah, Cut-Me-Own-Finger

The best weizen is bellheimer.

the best pils: beck's.


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Reissdorf!!! Reissdorf!!! Reissdorf!!!
no discussion about this one. (btw, aussies: cooper's sparkling ale tastes somewhat similar)
Früh is alright, too. Malzmühle vom Fass. NEVER drink Küppers or Gaffel *shudder*



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Researcher 160005

Being in the north of germany, you have to try "Flensburger Pilsener" too.

Another good choice is "Warsteiner", maybe a little bit tasteless but not as bad for the head as "Astra", which could cause a really annoying headache...

Just my 2 E-cent...


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genfinch ((1*3)-1-1)*(6*7)=42

As one being native from Bonn, I do strongly recommend Bönnsch to everyone who pays this town (the world´s most beautiful and coolest, by the way) a visit. You will only get it at the bar attached to the brewery, as far as I know, but it´s certainly worth the trouble. Oh, I haven´t had a decent beer since I moved to the north of Germany...
Einbecker is fairly drinkable, though.

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KROM or Grolsch!

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KROMBACHER or Grolsch (though not a German beer but brewed according to the Reinheitsgebot and very close to the border).
I don't get headaches from these beers.
I like Rolinck's Friedensreiter Beer. A Beer in memory of the peace treaty after the 30years War (well actually in memory of the rider announcing the peace to evrybody)
Anyway, PROST

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forget german beers (although they are quite good) its all about the belgian beers!!smiley - cheers

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Unfortunately I live in the North of Germany and the local brew here is Holsten or Astra. the best pils I have had is Bitburger, but my favourite beer is Augustiner Edelstoff, although a close second is Andechser Doppelbock Dunkel.

As for Weizen, Franzsikaner Dunkel is pretty good.

Don't even get me started on Jever or Kolsch.

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Love the Reissdorfer Kölsch every time I visit Cologne. In Bavaria I prefer the smaller breweries like Flötzinger in Rosenheim. But the best beer comes from a very small brewery not far from here called "Waldschloss" They only sell in their town, but one can buy some in big jugs to take home. And that beer runs through your throat like liquid gold....smiley - ok

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Its true that Bayern has loads of small breweries that nobody's even heard of. I was down in Garmisch a few months ago and had a local brew there that was great called something like Fingelsingen(?). Easily as good as the well known ones.

It's nice when you find local places like that. Not enough of them in Hamburg. smiley - sadface I have to make do with brew-pubs like Johannes Albrecht (great dark beer called Kupfer) and Gröninger. There is also a bar in Hamburg that serves Augustiner vom faß. (including Edelstoff) smiley - ale

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