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My experience of Germany (4 years of living in Munich) is that the average German beer drinker does not consume as much as the average British beer drinker. However, per head of population, the Germans drink vast quantities as every bugger in the country seems to drink the stuff, compared to a relative handful in this country.

On evenings out, I have seen many a German nurse his Mass for a couple of hours, while the party of expat Brits in the corner have spent enough on beer to pay off thedebt of a medium sized african country.

Beer per Head

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True. I've seen Bavarian's having a Weissbier for breakfast, one for lunch and one in the evening and that's all they'll drink.

We even had a beer vending machine where I worked in Munich which was never abused as people there just have the occaisional one at lunchtime.

I guess it's all about pacing yourself. smiley - cheers

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