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I may agree with the comments on baseball but really, how can you say that cricket is boring - it is a game I have only been playing for a few short years but the thought that goes into every ball bowled or faced is amazing. Cricket is a strange game in that it is a tem game but that for every ball bowled and every ball batted against the bowler or batter is on his or her own. A fantastic mix of sportsmanship and out right will to exceed your own personal best figures - the man who invented cricket was an utter genious!


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Not too sure about the thought aspect - particularly with fast bowlers - unless the thought is 'kill'. When you have some knuckle dragging neanderthal charging in off of 50 paces in fading light, the sense of love and enjoyment of the game gives way to thoughts such as "I wonder how busy the ambulance service is at the moment", "Is my will up to date" and "Why do cricketers wear white pants - brown is a much more practical colour".


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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)

Cricket is cool. I may not play it, I may not think about it deeply, it may not be the most action filled game. BUT, I can think of nothing better to do on a summer day than going to watch a cricket match and relaxing. Especially if there's no surf


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Cricket was originally invented by whoever discovered the cure to cancer. They travelled back in time and invented a game which mostly involved 13 men standing around in the sun doing absolutely nothing except watching a little red ball fly around every half an hour or so. The overwhelming passion and love for this ridiculous resulted in half the population of Australia, New Zealand, South Africa and other Cricket playing countries who can see the sun to develop sun cancers for the originator to cure in the future and make money from.


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Big Dave

Cricket is indeed a wonderfull sport which oozes tradition and the practice of sportsmanship. No other sport I can think of which has more myths, sayings and tradition than this sport. How many other sports would bowling techniques be given names such as 'googly' or 'flipper' and the constant debates about why a ball will swing one day and not another still rage on. I would still say however that the best thing about the game is the socialising afterwards and at tea time, I think this is what people who do not play the game fail to appreciate.


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Swiv (decrepit postgrad)

However they do appreciate that England regularly lose and figure that maybe its not worth their while getting involved
which is dumb

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