A Conversation for English Pubs - A User's Guide

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An excellent entry that I'm sure is useful not only for visitors but also for some Britons. The warnings about spilling drinks, looking at the wrong person etc. are also necessary, but only in a few places, luckily.

In fact there's a fair bit of pub etiquette in the article, which is what makes it so good.

Tipping barstaff is an area where there are certain, arcane, rules that should be clarified. The way to tip a bar person - and you only really do so if there's a good reason or you know them well - is to offer to buy them a drink ("and one for yourself?"). They may pour themselves a drink, but more often they'll say that they will 'have one later' and just add the (small) cost to your bill. Whether they really drink the drink, or just trouser the cash, is none of your business.

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99 out of 100!

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