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A few thoughts.

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1) I'm always told by foreign exchange students how much better laws regarding alcohol are in England, yet in many states the serving hours are anywhere from opening at 7am-10am and closing at midnight-3am. Some are 24 hour establishments in states where alcohol may be purchased at any point in the day. Am I misreading the hours in this entry? 11pm is just starting time for lots of us here!
2) Is the anti-smoking trend as popular in England as it is in the States? Here, some states (most often referred to as the 'nanny states' such as California and New York) have enacted legislation banning all indoor smoking, inclusive of bars, pubs and clubs. Some of this is being pushed by "family first" organizations and movements, leaving those of us who think that families can get stuffed if they want to go into a bar in the first place, out to dry.
3) Chain bars? I'm surprised at this. Going into a pub/bar for me is all about the personality. The chain bars here are very nice, they have a great atmosphere, lots of big TVs and good pool tables, but they are generally reserved for safe environments you would like to take your co-workers or family. For going out with your friends or to have real fun hitting up a bar with its own personality, its own drink selection and a real atmosphere about it, who wouldn't want to hit up a local joint?

Great entry, though! I have absolutely no nitpicks with it, I'm just trying to understand things from my side of the ocean. You know, cultural differences 'n all... it's kind of fun being an American on this distinctly British website. smiley - smiley


A few thoughts.

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Oh, a couple other thoughts. Is eye contact a badly received notion in English pubs? Here, looking around the bar is an all too normal occurance. Catching someone else's eyes, be it male or female, generally causes a simple moment of locked eyesight before someone pushes their eyes onto the next person. In fact most bars here in the states have a design which absolutely, positively prevents you from not making eye contact with others. The atmospheres are always very open and, more often than not, the tables are arranged so that rarely can you even look your friend in the eye without catching someone else's glance while passing from person to person at your own table. Booths are becoming nonexistant in a lot of bars.

One last thing... at a lot of American bars you have floor waitstaff who will take and relay your order to the bar and then bring you your drinks. The conception of the round has taken a very large hit because of this but then so has the idea of a line at the bar. It is becoming common practice for bars to have a small location void of chairs where people can wait and order drinks and then go back to their tables. Generally it is viewed as only the heaven drinkers stand or sit at the bar anymore because of their perceived need of drinks often.

Just some more cultural differences I suppose. How neat smiley - smiley

A few thoughts.

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heavy, not heaven... I swear I can type.

A few thoughts.

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I can type, and swear smiley - weird Cultural differences make things interesting, thanks for those thoughts. Enough to write a Guide Entry about American Bars? smiley - winkeye


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