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Glasses, size and re-use

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The article mentions glass re-use. A couple of points related to that.

1. Fizz. Carbonated drinks, such as lager, typical mass-produced cider, and soft drinks such as lemonade will froth less when poured into a glass that has already been used; it's all to do with dissolved CO2 and microfractures in the glass surface, etc. If you like your fizz, try and re-use the glass.

2. Glasses should not be re-used if the delivery mechanism for the drink in question actually goes into the glass, and does not just drop liquid into a glass from above. Such 'swan-neck' taps are typically used on real ales. The reason they SHOULD not be re-used is down to hygiene; a used glass has the potential to leave bacteria from one customer's mouth all over the tap, and this then gets dipped into the next customers drink. Not a lot of bar staff think this way, but it is something that is noticed when the likes of CAMRA visit the bar.

3. Glass sizes. Some pubs serve real-ale (but typically not lager or soft drinks) in glasses that hold more than one pint, with a pint mark on them. This provides you with a proper measure, while leaving room for froth. Pubs that do not do this may or may not be attempting to provide a fair measure; some pubs even deliberately attempt to generate as much froth as possible to deliberately lower the amount of beer you get for your money. Feel free to make your opinions known.

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