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Bailgate Rd?

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Is mise Duncan

Actually it's just "The bailgate" - sorry for any confusion, but all those whiskys do affect one's memory smiley - smiley

Bailgate Rd?

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Yvonne aka india

It's not even that, it's just "Bailgate", gate being the old term for a road, not a physical gate. It's seen in lots of places in the centre of the city - Bailgate, Eastgate, Clasketgate, Priorygate. As shorthand, folks do sometimes informally talk about places being "in the Bail".

Bailgate Rd?

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The southern end of "Bailgate" is situated on the outer bailey of Lincoln Castle. Although you are right about -gate being from the Scandinavian there was a gate called Bailgate on Steep Hill; it was at the boundary of the City and the Bail which were two of the three self-governing areas of Lincoln. Read about Lincoln's gates here:http://www.itsaboutlincoln.co.uk/lincolns-gates.html

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